All new Freshman Class and the monthly Main Event! October 3rd and 4th!




This month, BeerProv is introducing a brand new show at Comedy Bar – The Freshman Class – where up and coming improvisers test their skills on the BeerProv stage for the chance to drink from the Sippy Cup of Champions!

The winner of the Freshman Class will also receive an invitation to compete in the following night’s Main Event!

Introducing the first Freshman Class:

Aaron Peever
Andrew Haggith
Bec Whitby
Chris Besler
Jason Agnew
Jordan Markowski
Laura Salvas
Marshall Lorenzo
Mike Lee
Petra Bernier
Sandy Gibson
Shannon Mitchell

And, as always, Friday’s Main Event will feature some of the best improvisers in town, competing in an elimination style tournament for the chance to drink from the BeerProv Mug of Champions!!!

The Main Event:

Diana Frances
James Gangl
Jess Grant
Kristopher Bowman
Matt Folliott
Meg Fraser
Sandy Jobin Bevans
Scott Goldman
Simon Pond
and the Freshman Class Champion!

…and more!

…with Chris New on piano

…and Darryl Pring in the booth

Created and Hosted by Jim Robinson.

The Freshman Class – Thursday Oct. 4th, 10pm, 12 bucks
The Main Event – Friday Oct. 3rd, 10:30pm, 15 bucks

Tickets will be made available online at